An article I wrote for Mosaic magazine

A personal story about connecting to Nature Spirits
by Faye Greening

I have been on a quest to connect with nature spirits for several years. My journey began when I first saw auras and coloured lights and what I can only describe as energy. I was eager to understand and learn more about what I was seeing. I spent many years looking for someone to give me all the answers, but of course it doesn't work like that. I did, however, get a lot of insights into how other people connected to the spirit beings on my path. During this time I was fortunate to live for nine months in the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in Northern Scotland infamous for connecting to nature spirits. This helped me to understand what I was seeing and sensing. Ultimately, I had to find my own way to connect and tune in.

I started to get the feeling that there were beings wanting to make contact with me. Inspired by Dorothy Maclean, one of the co-founders of Findhorn Foundation, who received messages from the devic kingdom and connected to God through the spirit of nature, I started to write down what was coming to me. I had a lot of doubt at first and a fear I was making it all up. This I am told is a common feeling in the beginning. I was encouraged to trust and write down what was coming anyway. This I did.

Things became a lot clearer and stronger when I did a 3 month retreat in Guatemala, which included 40 days of silence. At first I started to look for answers outside of myself, but alas nothing came and I was told to find my own answers, from within. Forty days of silence is a long time to spend on your own and a real gift to have time to go within and listen. The judgement of myself ceased for a while, at least long enough to get the messages, and I didn't have to worry what anyone thought as I didn't have anyone to talk to about it. I learnt to trust and listen. The more I stopped and listened the more that came, it was an act of surrender.

Eventually a message came that I had to write the book I had been looking for. And slowly, day by day, the book started to unfold, messages came and practical ways to connect to the spirit realm through meditations. During this time I had a strong feeling that I wanted to serve spirit. Then another message came; I was to serve spirit by being a bridge between the seen and unseen realms that I was sensing. The meditations I was getting and doing myself were there to share with others too. And I was told I needed to encourage people to connect with the spirit beings as they really need our help at this time.

The main message I have received from spirit is that with all the pollution in the physical realm the spirit beings are struggling to do all the work they need to do in the astral realms. They are having to work harder to cleanse purify and manifest in the physical. I was told that if we send love and appreciation to them it feeds them and helps them to do their work. They are a bit cautious of humans which is understandable if you think about what we have done to the planet. So the best way to connect with them is through love. To connect with them we first need to send them our love and appreciation for all that they do.

When I connect I go into nature or sit in meditation and focus on sending love to nature and the spirit beings, I also play the didgeridoo to them as they love music. Mostly what I feel is a deep deep peace in my heart. And as I breathe I feel I can just be... No striving or pushing or rushing or doing. Just breathing and being in the beauty of nature, feeling her love and returning her beautiful gift with appreciation and gratitude for all the love, beauty and harmony that surrounds me in this beautiful sanctuary here on planet earth.

Ways to connect:
If you want to connect with them it is good to just offer love at first wanting nothing in return, after doing this for some time they will sense that you come in love and will start to trust you. If you want to connect with them just ask them to make themselves known in some way, eventually they will come forward so that you can sense their presence. You may like to ask if they have anything they want to share, I find it is best to listen at first before asking any specific questions.

Gifts of music:
Nature spirits love music, if you play an instrument one of the most precious gifts you can send them is music , its all about your intention, so if you sit in nature in silence for a few moments until you find your own calm centered state then open up your heart and as you play your music, or sing, consciously send thoughts of love and appreciation to nature and the spirit beings residing there. As the music is a series of vibrations and the spirit beings are operating in a certain vibration they can sense the love and beauty and it is like nectar to them, it feeds them, love feeds them and this helps them to continue their work.

A meditation to try:
Centring (with mother Earth/Gaia)
Sit quietly somewhere you wont be disturbed. Somewhere you feel safe and comfortable. You can be in nature or indoors its up to you.
Now relax and breath. Take deep breaths right into the centre of your being and then slowly release, do this for a few minutes or until you feel relaxed.
Now imagine roots coming from your feet and toes. Imagine these roots going deep into the earth, see them going through layers of earth through rocks and crystals, feel how connected you are to the earth.
Take more deep breaths and rest in the centre of yourself. Feel the calm in the centre of yourself. Feel connected to the peace in the centre of your body, feel the peace in yourself, send the peace to the earth.

A message I received one day from Mother Earth
A message from Gaia
You are all my precious children. I share all with you; plants, trees, animals, earth, water, fire and air. I am in everything, I am in you, you are a part of me. I birthed you. I birthed all the creatures. You are all of the same essence, from me. You are all equally important to hold the balance at this time. You need to remember you are all one. Work each day with the knowledge you are one. You all need each other in this delicate dance.