Gallery of my Paintings

These are my paintings. 
I love to paint animals and nature spirits. I am interested in capturing the spirit of nature in my paintings as I do a lot of work connecting with the Devas. I tune into the essence of the beings which reside in nature in the etheric realms. I usually like to work quite quickly and freely, allowing the spirit to work its way through me. 
Some of these images are now available to purchase as A4 prints (see My prints for sale). If you wish to use any of my images in any way please contact me first. All rights reserved.

Frost Fairy
Deer in the Woods
Maeve Queen of the Fairies
Fairy of the Wind
Rainbow Owl
Barn Owl by Starlight
Green Man

Green Lady



Fairies Gather

Moonlight Fairy

Hibernating Dormouse

Unicorn and Fairies

We've found the Christmas Tree

Lady of the Snow

Glastonbury Tor