Tips on How to Connect with Nature Spirits

Intuition is the key here. The best way to connect is to be open to receive what comes, release any judgement or criticism you have of yourself or the process, be willing to listen and receive. Don 't make any demands, if you want to know something you have to learn how to open your ears and listen and wait.

This might be new to you or you may be an expert at connecting with the spirit realm. Either way we have all felt funny about our experiences at one time or another. Judgments come from ourselves or others around us but as we release them and learn to trust our intuition and inner knowing we will connect with the nature realms more and more.

As you continue to learn to trust you will feel the truth resonate in your heart. Being able to connect with your own truth will always help you to connect with the nature spirits too. Its good to come to it lightly, don't take it too seriously, have some fun with it. The nature spirits are always having fun and are full of joy and enthusiasm. As long as you come from truth and see the beauty and honor and respect nature you can 't go too far wrong. 

If you would like to try to connect with a tree spirit go to the meditation section here on the website.