Meditation: How to Connect with a Tree

Connecting with a tree
This is very good to help you centre and ground. Go to a tree that you are drawn to, either physically or in your mind's eye during your meditation. Imagine you are the tree. Feel roots coming from your base going deep into the earth. Now imagine you have branches too going up to the sky.

Can you spot the face in the tree?

Try to feel what it is like to be the tree. Imagine how it is to be rooted in one spot how connected you would be to your environment. How would you experience the soil, the air around you, the birds that come and sit on your branches. Now send your love to the tree from this point of understanding what it is like to be the tree, draw the love from the purity in your heart. Wrap it in love and appreciation, send the tree your admiration, honour the tree.

You can stop here or if you would like to you can ask if the dryad of the tree is there (the tree 's spirit) and if it would like to communicate with you. Wait and listen, be open and receptive. When you sense it is there ask if there is anything it would like to share with you, wait and listen all the time sending your love, appreciation and admiration. This is the way to connect with the nature spirits, through your feelings.

After your communication remember to thank the tree or tree spirit if you manage to commune with it and then release it. You can say I thank you for your message and I release you from the communion with me, or something similar. Then take 7 deep breaths focusing on your feet, draw the energy from your feet up to your head as you inhale and then as you exhale send the energy back to your feet to ensure you are grounded and fully connected with the physical world once again.