Messages I have received from Nature Spirits

Message from the sun.
 "I am the almighty power and life giver bringing light and warmth. At this time, autumn, I am easing off, so let me into your heart. Catch my rays of love and light, bask in the warmth. Feel it in your core. Let it melt your heart and as your heart melts allow love to flow out of you, far and wide, caressing the land, feeding the earth, touching all the creatures with love, as you consciously send love and reflect my light out into the world."

Message from Magog
Yesterday I connected with Magog A huge old oak tree, quite famous in Glastonbury, there are two, Gog and Magog. Gog had no leaves and it felt as if he was withdrawing his energy back into himself. When I got to Magog I felt that the tree was deeply rooted and connected  to the earth. A bridge between the worlds, balancing all opposing forces keeping them in balance, feminine and  masculine, yin and yang, dark and light, It feels to me like the trees are vital to keep the balance energetically for our survival, not just for oxygen or in the physical, something deeper and much stronger is going on.
Then i heard this Deep echoy voice- 'I am Magog. I have been here for many hundreds of your years but I don't experience time as you do. I am forever in the moment of being so I have always been and always will be, this is just a moment of time, a moment in your time.' I asked if there was any message for me or humanity. 'I am being' I heard in a deep strong loud voice.
It felt as if it echoed with a  huge amount of power almost like the voice echoed through the whole galaxy such was the sense of power and strength. I had a sense that it is connected to the centre of earth and to the heavens above, like a conductor of energy. It feels like it is like a guru in a cave who sits in silence in deep meditation.
It feels to me like the trees are an inspiration for us to follow, to sit and be in the moment with them. I felt like it was an evolved being and I didn't want to ask for any specific message or ask a question, I just felt to be with it, like sitting at the feet of a guru. I absorbed the energy through the vibrations it gave out and it rubbed off on me. What a gift. I played some didgeridoo, sent some love and gratitude and appreciation for all it does for humanity, thanked it and left.

A Message from the fairies.
The fairies want to connect with you through dance. They ask you to play music that you love, anything that opens your heart. They like gentle feminine flowing music and they ask you to feel the music in your heart, then start to flow with it, become the sound that you hear, allow it to move you from the inside, be free and light like the fairies, send them love and perhaps they will come and dance with you.

A message from the nature spirits in the meadow in the chalice garden, Glastonbury. 

'It's time to shed your skin as the snake does.
Allow the sun to burn away what you no longer need.
Send all you release into that old skin.
Release to the earth, wash away negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, ask the water elementals to assist you. Feel yourself cleansed and new, lighter and brighter. Now ask the sylphs to purify your thoughts and bring thoughts of love into your consciousness. Now send these higher vibrations out into the world. Release your density and rise up to be the best that you can be.'
Feel angels and spirit beings beside you assisting with this process. Ask for their help if you need it. They can help to raise your vibrations and process all that negativity. It is just like compost and they can take it away and process it easily and effortlessly, just ask and release... with love from Faye and the nature spirits xxx