Healing with the nature spirits.

In the medicinal garden at The Pyramid Centre in Lake Atitlan.
I work with the earth elementals through the didgeridoo and do healing work on the earth and on people. We are all vibrating at a different rate, everything is vibrating, in order to do healing it is a case of tuning into the frequencies and vibrations that people are resonating at and bringing these into a state of balance through realigning.

I work with the vibrations of the earth through the didgeridoo as I tune into people's energy bodies. I channel vibrations and frequencies through me and through the didgeridoo to bring people's bodies on the etheric and astral realm into balance. I am like a bridge between the worlds. I am opening up the channels of communications and allowing a mode of expression for the spirit beings to tune into and channel through.

Sending healing to the Earth at the Findhorn Foundation