Updates from Glastonbury


I am planning to start running workshops again soon. After my long maternity absence.

I will be running a day workshop in Glastonbury once the weather has warmed up, maybe in the spring or perhaps in the summer.

The plan is to be based near to Glastonbury Tor. We will do a walk up the tor and spend some time connecting to the spirit of the land. I also plan to spend some time tuning into the plants and trees looking to receive messages from the Nature Spirits.

I will share with you ideas and tips on how to connect with the Nature Spirits. I will guide you in how to tune into the spirit beings of the plants and trees so that you can connect with the Nature Spirits yourselves.

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Happy Autumn Equinox 2016

What an amazing Autumn we are having, a chance to enjoy some late summer sun as we watch the golden hues turn from yellow to orange to brown. The fruits for us to enjoy are early and in abundance. I received a rather deep message during the summer which I would like to share with you as we are one of the two times of the year where we come into balance. This message moved me more than any other message that I have received, I felt is was very profound...

Message from the Lime Tree.

'This is a time of global crisis on many levels. Humanity is in chaos.
It is time to work with tolerance at the heart of things.
With tolerance you can find solutions and build bridges.
It's time to let go of criticism and what separates you from each other.
It's time to start practicing at a base level, with your loved ones, your family and your friends. First practice tolerance and acceptance with the ones that you love and who love you. Then move on to the ones who challenge you.'

'The big picture is too big and scary what difference can I make?' I ask. 'The world is in a mess. I feel too small and insignificant to do anything.'

'Start small. Just love yourself. Then love your partner. Love your family. Accept your differences. Don't withdraw love through disagreements find a way to carry on loving even when you don't agree with each other. Be an inspiration. Small acts of love and kindness do make a difference.

The feminine holds.
The earth holds.
The mother holds.
As we hold we naturally love.'

'As women we hold. How can we hold without absorbing all the pain and negativity and destruction?' I ask.

'With acceptance you can hold, through an understanding that what is happening isn't personal. It's not about you. In fact you are not holding you are just loving. Radiate love that is the key. Be a loving presence.  Be in a state of love for all things and beings through an understanding that everyone and everything is in its own process of unfolding.

A flower must grow from a seed first to a plant and go through its own evolution before it flowers. A flower can not emerge directly from a seed. And once it has flowered it eventually becomes a seed again and starts the process once again.

You are all like this. You will be born from the seed from your father. Your mother will hold you in her womb and grow you and breathe the life into you.

In your life it's up to you to water your roots and feed yourself in the physical and emotional mental and spiritual realms. What you focus on you will become. This is why I say it is time to focus on love. On tolerance on acceptance. In yourself and in others. You will gather love along the way. You will sow seeds in this lifetime and you will have many more lives to nurture the seeds and see the flowers that you planted unfurl. It is time to be mindful of the bigger picture but you can do this through small acts of love in each moment. There is not an insurmountable mountain to climb. There is just a scattering of love to throw at the feet of yourself and of the ones you love. This is doable. Do not be scared or overwhelmed. Just start slowly. Practice loving and showing kindness to yourself and to the ones you love. Believe it or not this is enough.'

Daffodil message. March 2015

We bring light, love and laughter. The lightness of spring. Let go of the heaviness of winter. Cast off those dark heavy shadows you carry on your backs like thick winter coats. Dance. Lift up. Spring up upon your feet. Feel the lightness and brightness the sun brings forth. Soak it up. Let it lift your spirits. Allow your energy to rise up through your feet from the ground up your legs into your body. Hold that and let it move you feel the light in your heart, in your soul, allow a smile to creep upon your lips. Close your eyes. Relish the warmth. Let it melt your heart. Allow the warmth from your heart to flow as love for all beings. Send love, joy and thanks to all of creation. Appreciate the sun, the life giver, celebrate being here upon the earth at this exciting time of love and light expansion remember this comes from within. Embrace the gifts from the sun and share freely with love for all deep from the centre of yourself. May the light lift you and may you dance through life on this beautiful joyous wonderful bright new day. 

A Message from a Bluebell Fairy

Welcome sweet ones, I share my fragrance as you gently touch my flowers, we intoxicate the bees with our sweet scent, pulling them in to taste our sweet nectar, our fragrance sings out to them.
At this time reach out to your fellow men and women offer your love as a sweet fragrance to others, send out ripples of love at this bounteous time. Revel in the sights and smells of all the beauty of nature which surrounds you. Tread in nature, walk upon the earth, enjoy all she has to offer as she comes alive and blossoms spilling her sweetness upon your path, feel her love and share the beauty and sweetness as you go along your way, may your path be blessed this Beltane. Merry be...

Imbolc 1st Feb 2014

I went into the Chalice Garden and was drawn to some snowdrops by the wellhead. I sat and meditated and tuned into their energy. They are pure white. The deva of this flower emits a bright white light and the image it conveys is how you would imagine a white flower fairy to be.

The snowdrop sings out with pure white light, drops of purity fall from its petals as it droops to the ground, sending love blessings upon the earth. When I tuned into it it felt like the snowdrop was singing out purity from its core, inspiring us, bringing the hope of spring as it signals the beginning of the year.

The Snowdrops message.

"Sing from your heart, pray from your heart, dance from your core. Let who you are at your essence shine out. It is your gift to share your truth with the world. Your individuality which makes you who you are is what you came to share. It is important to share from your heart at this time as we entre a new year. A year where you can manifest your true heart's desires. The universe will work with you if you share the purity which is in your heart."

A message was received from the Owl on 28th October 2013
Now printed in a booklet including 9 paintings of Barn Owls.
See Books section for more information.

A message from the Green man.
April 2nd 2013 in Chalice Gardens.

I am the energy of spring. I flow through all living things at this time. Strongly. I am the surge of life pulsing in your blood or in the chloroform of the plants. I am the pulsating beat of life. I am rising from the earth awakened by the sun. You cannot see me but all of you can feel me at this time. I am what causes the buzz you get when the sun is shining and your spirits are lifted after the long winter as the promise of spring shines through.


Be happy and share your joy let your heart sing and share the love that you find there with all beings that surround you. Be genorous with your joy share it in the awareness that it will lift the spirits of those around u and will take u closer to god. Spirit wants to hear yr hearts singing throughout eternity. Hearing the hearts of the people beating with love and joy throughout the planet makes god/dess spirit happy. Joy Is what makes yr heart sing. Find what brings your heart true and pure joy and indulge and share with uplifted hearts. Sing, dance and be merry. Blessed be.
A message from one of the Yew trees in chalice well gardens received on 1st January 2013.

We are the gatekeepers. We hold a knowledge ancient and true. We have been trusted to pass on the ancient keys to open the hidden depths residing within the doorway you do not see. The way to open is from within; entre oneness through your heart. Feel the love at your core, feel the depth of that love, an endless well resides within each one of you. An infinite supply of love is accessible to all at all times have no doubt about this. The wells get blocked. It is your job to unblock to flush it clear with your will, with joy and ecstasy from the centre of your soul. You alone have the power and the resources to clear any blocks on your path. Fear not. Rejoice for the power is within each one of you. You are all equal you are all equipped with the tools and power to flow the love which comes from above, to flow it through your heart from the base of your soul. The vehicle is the body. The source is the great soul, great spirit, god, oneness, divinity. Your spirit is the frequency which carries the message of love. Your job is to tune the vehicle, your body, to align it with your spirit, to flow the frequency of love from the great source of spirit so it can be felt within the physical realm. You are like a radio transmiter focus on love to tune in to the right frequency to be a channel for spirit. You are all blessed to be here at this time, to serve as channels for divine spirit. Open up to the wisdom of your heart and let the love flow through you as you realign with oneness, with love, truth, purity and harmony, remember we are all one.

As I walked through the chalice gardens today I tuned into the oak tree:
The mighty oak is pulling in the light from above, sending it to the earth below, he is a link between above and below. Dark and light. Yin and yang. A keeper of balance.
We see that the earth is struggling. Could it be out of balance as these gatekeepers are being chopped down. Their numbers are declining we can help to keep the balance now. We are invited to be a bridge between the worlds of yin and yang, dark and light, masculine and feminine.
We can help the trees to keep the balance at this time. Please take a moment to send the trees love, honour them as gatekeepers, holding our world in balance.
And if you feel inspired seek within to find balance within yourself, meditate and see yourself as a tree, as a keeper of balance. Allow spirit to guide you, ask your angels to show you how to have more balance in your life. And remember to bring the guidance you receive into the physical. Act on the messages you receive. Blessed be. Love, light and blessings to you all.
I will be doing workshops in the new year to help and guide people to access their own answers from within. Contact me if your interested.